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Ninja Fireworks


47720 Hwy. 78 

Lincoln, AL 35096

Hours Open Summer 2024

Fri, Jun 21st      11a-8p
Sat, Jun 22nd      10a-9p
Sun, Jun 23rd      11a-7p
Tues, Jun 25th      11a-7p
Wed, Jun 26th      11a-8p

Thur, Jun 27th      10a-8p
Fri, Jun 28th      10a-9p
Sat, Jun 29th      10a-9p
Sun, Jun 30th      11a-8p
Mon, Jul 1st      10a-9p
Tues, Jul 2nd      10a-9p
Wed, Jul 3rd      10a-10p
Thurs, Jul 4th      9a-11:30
Fri, Jul 5th      11a-9p
Sat, Jul 6th      11a-9p

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